Description of ikiMap API

Description of access to the ikiMap API

The access to the ikimap API is done through REST Web services applications. A web application typically ikiMap service having the form:

Applications may be:

  • HTTP GET, with the parameters in the URL string, may not be employed in cases where it is necessary to send a file attached to the request.
  • HTTP POST in any case.

Services provided by ikiMap API can be grouped into the following groups:

  • User services.
  • Maps services.
  • Ikimaps services.
  • Channels services.
  • Search services.
  • Services of comments, favourites and other.

ID application developer

The developers will ask for each of the applications that wish to develop an application ID, obtaining with this a secret code. The application ID and secret code will be included as parameters for all the service requests at ikiMap API, by basic HTTP authentication, so that the application ID is used as username and the secret code as password.
For all requests are checked these parameters, and in case that not correspond with the correct values will return an error message with an error code 401 (Unauthorized).

ikiMap user authentication

For an ikimap registered user can access your data or do actions allowed to the ikimap users by the API, the application must perform the following steps:

  1. Get a user token by the login method.
  2. Add to the methods which needed the user token parameter with the value of the user token obtained during the login.