¡Updated maps of all places and subjects of the world!
Shares and uses information from other users.

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Share your maps

Now that you had created your firsts maps on ikiMap, you could begin to share. on your favourite social network, on blogs or in your website.

You could also use the permission manager to decide who could see and edit your maps.

Insert the map on your blog or website

You can incorporate your maps or the other user’s maps to any website.
Just copy the embed map code and you get integrate ikiMap on your personal website or in your business website.

Share the map on your favourite social network

Share your maps in others social networks.
You can publish the maps on Facebook, Twitter, Google+… and increase your number of visits.

Vote, comment, follow… ¡take part!

Interact and take part with the user’s community of ikiMap.
  • Vote the maps that you liked most.
  • Comment the maps, provide suggestions and information, start discussions.
  • Make your friends net on ikiMap and easy follow their activity.

Create open maps to everyone

Use the permission manage to other users can edit your maps.
  • Make collaborative maps and share the map edition with other users of ikiMap.
  • Make “wiki” maps, open totally the doors of your map and let collaborate all the ikiMap community.

Or limit the access to your maps

You decide who can see and who can edit your maps.
  • Collaborate in the edition of the maps with your co-worker, and show the maps only to your clients.
  • Share your travels, routes and holidays with your friends and family.